“Hi, George,
It’s been a pleasure to work with you and Carl, et al. Everyone has been very professional and hard-working. Thanks for our new home!!”
The Hurleys
Coventry, CT
“Dear Kathy and George,
We thank you so much for all the help you gave us. The men were so nice and did a wonderful job here! Bless all of you and your help!”
Morgan & Alice Betts
Avon, CT
“Richard, Joan and Company,
Thanks for everything. As bad as it was at first, you made it run perfectly. I don’t know how you managed with this incredible winter and the impossible driveway, but you made it seem effortless. The home is beautiful – you did everything and then more. Many, many thanks.”
Kathy Watson
Mansfield, CT
Just a short note to thank the whole staff of men who worked on my claim. I would certainly recommend First General Services of Hartford and Eastern Connecticut and if in the future I need work done, I would definitely call you! Thank you so much. I am very happy with my window both inside and out. They did a great job!”
Helen Petranek
Uncasville, CT
“Dear George and Kathy,
I want to express my experience with First General Services of Hartford and Eastern Connecticut. You guys are the most professional and responsive team I have ever worked with. I live in Virginia, and my rental property is located in South Windsor, CT. I have never felt that 450 miles distance matters when you guys are in charge. Not only have you restored my property, but it looks far better than before the accidental fire in January, 2011.

You have gone above and beyond the call of duty, and each time there was an issue, you have taken the matter seriously and taken care of it for me. I feel lucky to have found you, and it’s been a pleasure to work with all of you. Thank you for what you have done for me and my family, and I am excited to notify you that I have a new tenant who’s now living in my rental property.”
Tom Sikand
“First General,
Thank you for sending us the best workers you have. Mom and I have been blessed, and we love our “new” look in our home. Thank you and God bless.”
The Kiczuks
Windsor, CT
“Dear First General Services,
I would like to thank your entire staff for the wonderful job you did. The roof job was enormous, and everything worked out just about perfectly. It started in the winter of 2010: record snowfall, excessive weight on the roof and then the water running inside the house. We waited until spring and checked with our insurance company. They sent their adjuster, and he looked at the situation. He needed a different company to look at and assess the damage.

Having worked with Richard and First General Services of Hartford and Eastern Connecticut before, the adjuster suggested that I have them look at it. We agreed, and I met Richard. He looked at the water damage and then noticed the roof itself was damaged! The home is a post-and-beam with special construction. Richard sent out the estimate after a lot of legwork and phone calls. Being post-and-beam, not everyone can repair it. George came out to remove some shingles to see how it was constructed. However, we finally had an estimate and it was sent to the insurance company. We waited for a month or two, then the insurance company sent out their experts and engineers to verify what First General property_damage_claim_experts_ctServices had noticed on their first visit. The roof was damaged and needed to be repaired. We got approval and a check to fix the roof and the interior damage. I had asked if they could replace some skylights while the roof was dismantled. “Of course, no problem,” was the answer I got. A few months later, we had a new roof, skylights and some interior trim.

The process took quite a long time, but Richard had told me it would, and it’s finally done and done right. First General Services would not accept “patchwork” jobs, and did not cut any corners. I would highly recommend First General Services of Hartford and Eastern Connecticut for any repairs that need to be made. Whether an insurance job, or not. They handled all the interaction between the insurance company and us, the homeowners. The First General Services team was there whenever we had questions. Richard even gave me his personal cell phone number (which I called several times)! He always answered, or called me back immediately. Thanks.”
Ryan Cadorette
Andover, CT
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