Emergency Tips

In Case of an Emergency

Whenever a property emergency strikes, we recommend you look for your insurance contract as soon as any danger has passed.  Once your property insurance documents are accessible for review, contact your insurance broker or insurer immediately. There may be coverage under your policy, meaning your insurance company will reimburse the cost of restoring your property damage.  For immediate assistance, call First General Services of Hartford and Eastern Connecticut 24 hour hotline at: 860-295-8790

The faster you act, the more likely you will be to minimize damage and stress.  What can you do in the meantime to manage your property emergency…

Water Damagewater_damage_experts_ct
• Contact a trained professional immediately to locate the source of water intrusion
• Shut off the main water supply
• Excess water should only be removed using the appropriate water extraction equipment
• Remove any un-affected personal belongings that are in the path of the water
• In summer, turn on air-conditioning to maximize drying potential. In the winter, alternate opening windows and heating for maximum drying potential
• Avoid using electronic appliances
• Do not consume food items exposed to water
• Relocate all people and pets to a safe environment

Fire/Smoke Damagefire_smoke_damage_restoration_ct
• Turn HVAC ventilation system off, except when temperature is below freezing (32F)
• Open the windows and doors to allow for ventilation
• Remove all people and pets out of fire/smoke damaged structure
• Avoid using electrical appliances, outlets or outlet switches in the event they are damaged and can ignite
• Empty the contents the refrigerator and freezer and store items in cooler with ice to prevent spoilage
• Do not Wipe Down or Wash surfaces covered in soot or smoke to prevent it from spreading
• Close the doors in unaffected areas to prevent smoke or soot from spreading
• When temperatures are below freezing, pour anti-freeze in toilet bowls, sinks and tub if heat is off

Wind Damage
• Contact trained professionals to secure the roofing and siding from causing additional property damage such as water entering openings in the roof and framing
• Remove any loose debris to prevent it from falling or being blown off property causing additional damage to persons or property

Catastrophic Storms
• Contact a  trained professional to help secure the property and begin the repair processcatastophe_claim_contractor_ct
• Be patient as there are many others just like you in the same situation